Lakota Siberian Kennels


McHargue's "Zorro Polar Ice"   AKC Registered

               Him as a puppy.

"Max"   Has been Adopted by "Rys N High Kennel Siberian Huskies" The are going to use him in their breeding program.  Max is going to be well loved by Alicia and her family!  Their website is:

He is AKC our white Him as a puppy 


  He is is Registered APRI.He is silver & white with blue eyes.            Him as a puppy

"Elijah" has been adopted out to Christina Cortez, she is going to give him lost of love and attention.  Elijah will be spoiled to the max!!

Mc Hargue's Zepplin "Red-Zo"                                             ( He is Zorro's and Scarlet's son)  AKC Registered.  "Red-Zo" Has been sold to Melissa Rod and her family, they will give him plenty of love and attention! Updated on 10-16-14

"Bear"  has been adopted by a nice lady named Shannon, who will give Bear plenty of love.
                                   Him as a puppy
Buddy Buck, he passed on and is in Doggy Heaven.  He was 14 and 1/2 years old when he died, Buck was one of a kind and we sure do miss him!   Updated on 10-16-14.

                                          Him as a puppy

Buddy Buck Story

Buck wonder up on our countryside and we decided to keep him. I took him to our Vet and asked him to get him some shots. He told me that Buck was about five months old and that he was an Arctic Wolf Hybrid Husky cross. I took him home and let Lakota our oldest Husky take care of him, she became his mama. They been together ever since. When I take Lakota away from Buck while she is at the Vet he wines until she gets back. Unfortionalty I had him fixed so we don't use him for breeding.  I wished I did not have him fixed.  I could have use him to breed with my female Huskies.  He is such a sweet loving Wolf/Hybrid Husky Cross.  Buck could have made some beautiful puppies.     

Mc Hargue's "Timby" With A Tender Heart

AKC Registered

He is so Beautiful!

Timby is my Snooky's full Uncle on her mother "Diamond" Side.

McHargue's "Zorian" Arctic Silver                                (He is Zorro and Tiffany's son)         AKC Registered.

"Zorian" as a puppy!

McHargue's "Tazer" Shock of Excellence                    (He is Zorro's half brother the share the same dad) AKC Registered.  He has been sold!

"Tazer" as a puppy!