Lakota Siberian Kennels


New Additions to "Lakota Siberian Kennels Ranch" yes I have chickens now!  I am going to mix in fresh eggs and home grown chicken in my Siberian Huskies food! Updated this page on 10-16-14!                                                                    

Meet "Zalto" he a new male to our kennels and  is a AKC Registered Woolly Siberian Husky!  He is going to be one of my main breeder males!  Updated this page on 3-13-17.




What's new at Lakota Siberian Kennels! 

We are now on Facebook.  You can become a fan and a friend of Lakota Siberian Kennels on  You can look me up and (LIKE) my Business Page under "Lakota Siberian Kennels"  you can message me on my Facebook Business Page.  You can also request me as a friend I have a personal page of Facebook under my name "Beverly McHargue" and I have a group page on Facebook that you can join it is "Lakota Siberian Kennels Ranch" My email address is   If you have bought a Siberian Husky or Wolf/Hybrid puppy from me, you can post updated pictures of your pet on my facebook wall when you (LIKE) my "Lakota Siberian Kennels" Business Page.  If you are some one that just found my website and have a Husky as a pet, please feel free to send me your pictures of him or her.  I will be looking to hear from you on facebook.        Beverly      Updated this on 3-13-17.