Lakota Siberian Kennels


Pictures of our farm taken April 25, 2009 and a few photos from February of 2009.

Our front Gate to the Farm.Our Farm and Homestead.Our Home Baby & SugarBaby & Suger my sweet horses.A view from our front porch.Front porch view of Kennels.Our front yard view of Kennels.There's my Zorro in the front yard pin.The horse barn in the back of our home.Another photo of the horse barn from the front side.Our hay by the horse barn in front.The road in front of our farm.Our John Deere Tractor.I thought this pasture picture looked pretty. Another stock tank we have on the land.The same tank looking toward our home. The fog one morning.  View from my porch.A Bee Keeper had to get bees out of my tree.My sister-in-law playing dress up with my 1936 Buick that I plan to restore and Customize.   I would like it to look like the ZZ top car, but better.Baby eating her paster grass.Our State Flower.A wild Flower from the fields.A little wild cottentail bunny.Wild Turkey on our farm land.A photo of the bees the Bee Keeper took away.The hill that leads to our farm.Our cows one frosty morning.That same morning Febuary 2009.Some geese flying in Feb 09Zorro,  king of the kennels. Photo taken 4-26-09.

Photos taken April 28th & 29th.

A photo before the flood.Another photo before the flood.A photo of the flooding on our land.Our cows were checking the water level.The cows came up to high ground.More pictures of our cows.Here is Creamy, Samantha & Miss Kitty.Here is Miss Kitty again on my porch.Birds flying in the stormy sky.A cow skull my daughter Crystal will paint soon.

Photo's taken in September of 2009.

This is our kennel sign.This is 5 horseback riders on our road.A beautiful humming bird in our garage.A picture of a sunflower bud.A sunflower close up.A close up of a bug on the sunflower.Some beautiful flowers by my home.Trevor with his 1970 Chevelle that he plans to rebuild & fix up, like in the movie Fast & Furious. He wants it to be silver gray in color.

These pictures were taken October of 2009.

Sugar & Baby my horses.

Here is a picture of my sweet little Mustang Sally.  She is such a silly crazy cat.

Here is our Siamese ragdoll cat named Sassy Boy.  He is Zorro's play pal.

These are white birds that hang around our cattle and huddle around our stock tank.The birds taking flight.A close up of the cattle bird.  I know its name, but I am not sure how to spell it.  I think it's spelled "Egret"

These 2 pictures are of my cat named Cream.  She also has those beautiful blue eyes.

Here are 2 more pictures of Mustang Sally.  She is well hidden in the front yard tree.This is the road you take to get to the 2 creeks that cross on our land.  Both creeks are full after all the rain.These 3 pictures are of the creeks that run threw our land.  They are really full and the water is flowing pretty fast.

These 2 picture are of our neighbors land.  They have exotic animals on their property.

These 2 photos were taken the morning after Halloween.   November 1st at 6:30 a.m.This picture was taken November 4th, 2009 from my front porch.  The trees are starting to turn beautiful colors.

These 2 pictures were taken the same morning also from my front porch. 

The air was cool that morning.  I just could not stop taking pictures, it was such a beautiful sight.  All I could think about is I can't wait to put them on my website.

These pictures were taken December 4th.

The cows were enjoy their hay as they watched the first snow fall of the season.

We don't get much snow in Texas, but when we do I take as many pictures as I can.

This is a picture of our hay behind our house.  When it snows on the hay alot it looks like the shreded wheat with the sugar side up.

My Siberian Huskies loved the snow that day.  It only lasted 45 minutes and then the sun came out.  Later that day it felt like a mild Fall sunny day.  There was now trace of snow left.  It was as if it had never snowed that day.  That's Texas for you!  

These Pictures were taken December 27th, 2009.

Here is some more pictures of exotic animals which are called Elk that our neighbors have on their land.

Here the Elk are play fighting with their antlers.  It was really awesome watching them play like this in person.  I was wanting to get a good picture to put on this page for you all to see.  I just like taking pictures of all kinds of animals.  This neighbor also has a Zebra.  I hope some day I see it and I will take it's picture so you all can see it too.This is a picture of a deer stand on our land between the creeks were my daughter Crystal and her husband Donny go deer & wild hog hunting.  They also have put out wild hog traps on this land.

This is a picture of my neighbors Buffalo also known as "Bison" he is so handsome.