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Why we started raising Siberian Huskies and Wolf Hybrids!


 Welcome to Lakota Siberian Kennels website!  We are a mother & daughter Hobby Breeder's of  Siberian Huskies and Wolf Hybrids. 

  Our goal is to breed and raise the most healthy awesome looking Huskies. We would like heads to turn when one of our Huskies walks by. Each an and every Husky we choose, we took our time because it had to have certain markings and colors that we wanted. We would not settle for anything less than the best.  Our opinion of the Siberian Husky is the best pet companion to own.  All of our Huskies are family socialized from the time they are born until they go to their new homes.  We spoil all of our Huskies even the puppies. Our puppies come with a Health Guarantee, first set of puppy shots, wormed, and Generation Certificate.

  The Siberian Husky has a delightful temperament, affectionate but not fawning.  The Siberian Husky is alert, eager to please, and adaptable.  They are highly intelligent but their independent spirit may challenge any family.  While capable of showing strong affection for his family, the Siberian Husky is not usually a one-man dog.  He exhibits no fear or suspicion of strangers and will greet guests cordially.  In his relations with strange dogs, the Siberian Husky displays friendly interest and gentlemanly decorum.  His versatility makes him an agreeable companion to people of all ages and varying interests.
(Siberian Husky Club Of America, Inc.)

 Breeder's Story

  We want to tell you a little bit about our selves, why we call our kennel Lakota Siberian Kennel. We named the kennels after our oldest Husky Lakota, she is 15 years old. We fell in love with her when we first saw her, she wonder up on our front porch one morning she was 5 years old at that time. We had called the number on her tags and the lady who owned her said she kept getting out of her backyard and so she wound up giving Lakota to a friend of hers.  She must have escaped from their home also, so the lady told me I could have her so she signed her AKC papers over to us.  Lakota has loved staying with us all these years, she has never tried to escape. She's a loving dog, she has helped around the farm and has been a mother to other stray puppies until we've found new homes for them. So this is the reason why we decided to raise Siberian Huskies. We have plenty of wide open space for our dogs. 


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