Lakota Siberian Kennels


McHargue's   "Zorro Polor Ice"                AKC Reg



McHargue's "Zorian Arctic Silver"                                                                           AKC Reg


McHargue's"Tazer"Shock of Excellence" AKC Reg                        (SOLD)                                                                                                                


McHargue's Zepplin "Red Zo"                 AKC Reg            (SOLD)                     


Aruff's Breakfast at "Tiffany"s McHargue   AKC Reg                                                                                                                         


McHargue's "Snooky" Artic Ice            AKC Reg                 (SOLD)                                      


Liberty's Grin & Berit McHargue      AKC Reg                  

McHargue's Isabella Dances With Wolves   AKC Reg                                                                                                         

Native Storms Sweet Indian Goddess     AKC Reg                  "Echo"     (SOLD)       

McHargue's "Timby" With A Tender Heart  AKC Reg

 McHargue's "Lady Bella"                         AKC  Reg            (SOLD)                                   


Kayla Moon McHargue   (Wolf/Hybrid )   UKC Reg          "Crossed Over To Heaven" on February 22, 2016.

Shasta Honey Mist McHargue            AKC Reg                            (SOLD)

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