Lakota Siberian Kennels


Miya & Max

The sisters went to the Smiths family, Snow Princess with Savannah, Snow Angel with Brianna and there mom Amanda.Kim & her son with pup.     Lisa  Miya & Max's 1st Litter

Wing Lau with his wife and new puppy Toro

Dane Fliedner with his new puppy Niva.

Kristina Etling and her puppy K-2

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Martinez with their new puppy Jimmy.  Jimmy is with a very loving family.

Belinda Gayler with her daughter holding Nakita & Mia her 2 sweet little puppies.

Brandon & Tracey Stroh's daughters holding Minnie their adorable new little puppy.

Hanna & Bear
Hanna & Elijah
Jerry , Ashley & little MiyaJustin & Family with new pup.Max belongs to Becky my daughter.  We love him so much!  His full name is    "Maximum Skyler Blue"Sugar is with her new family the Hassan's & their male Wolf/Hybrid Cain.Kaiya is with  Christine HymanDakota is now with the Waldie'sAmanda Rhine loves her pupThis pup belongs to Pahola Lopez.Shiro and Greg VillasenorIvan is with Dylan Luna & Family.
Miya & Elijah
Scarlet & Max
   Rosie Clair Bear
Sissy & Bear
Brent,Colt & RugerCasie & Bleu "Bear"
Nina & Bear

Jerry LeeCordovaWhite Fang

Cain is White Fang's brother from the same litter.

Ericka is holding Dala her puppy with her dad and family.

Ashlee Nance holding her puppy with her boyfriend.

Kayla & Bear
Brian Baum & His PupSimmaki
Hanna & Max

Scarlet & Zorro

Nicole,Caulin & OnyxRyan,Jayce & their pup.JaydaDraegon

Sissy & Zorro

Lola and her new family, Jamie & Junior. This family really loves their little girl.  She is a sweet little thing.Emy loves her new mom Leah Leonard.Lucy loves her new mom Sheila Bly.Acacia is in love with Josha Rollins and his family.  She will be very happy at her new home.Riggins is with his new daddy Donnie Meade.  He is so happy to be going to a home with lots of love.

Sierra & Zorro 

Lucy with her new dad Mike Leyden.  She is really happy to be living with her new family in New Mexico.Skyler with her new mom Tobey Smith and Tobey's mom.  Skyler was so happy to see Tobey!Spike with Mr & Mrs Kenneth Ramey and family, this is his new family.   Spike is very lucky to be adopted by this family.    He will get plenty of love and attention .Zeus with his new mom and dad Mr. & Mrs. Hassan.  Zeus is going to a great home in Houston, Texas.  He will also be living with his new brother Cain a Wolf/Hybrid from Nina and Bear's litter that Farrah Hassan bought from my Kennel in the Spring of 2008.  Also Zeus will have a sister named Sugar a Siberian Husky from Hanna & Elijah's litter.This sweet red & white male puppy is living with Jodi Parmer and family. He loves Jodi alot.Zoey "Zorro's" Ice Princess is staying with our family.  She is a very sweet girl and we are very lucky to have her.  She is spending time with her mother Sierra.  Sierra is so happy we kept Zoey.