Lakota Siberian Kennels


Snow day on the farm February 12, 2010.


                      Pictures of my Kennel signs with snow on them.

  Jetta is looking up at some birds flying by.          Here she is watching my cats play.

  Jetta really liked playing in the snow that day.        She liked eating the snow too.

                 Zorro here is looking at my son play in the snow.       Zorro loves Snow days.

Here is my Hanna Banana in the snow.  She is a mom of 7 puppies and she is on a moms day out getting a break from her sweet little pups.

           Hanna seems to be enjoying her day in the snow.

   Here our cows are eating on the hay my husband and son put out that day.

         The snow started powdering up my Bonnie & Clyde gangster car.

           Here is a picture of my mother-in-laws house on our property.

   This picture has one of my horses named Sugar eating some hay on this snowy day.

             This is our stock pond right beside our house.

       Here is a picture of the view heading toward our front gate.

 This is a picture of another stock pond that we have on our land.  I took this picture   from my front porch.  I zoomed in to get a closer view of this tank.

  This is another picture of our cows after they ate up their hay for the day.

                 Here is our picnic table with snow on it.

   Sassy and Zorro looking out the window watching the snow fall.

Another snow day on the farm February 23, 2010

My son Trevor built Jack Frost with a little help from his sister Becky today.  Trevor really worked hard on Jack Frost.

  A picture of my 2 horses Sugar & Baby in the snow.

This is a picture of Sugar, she is the daughter of my other horse baby.  They really love when it snows, they run and jump around.

       This was Scarlet's mom's day out on this snow day.

 I thought this picture of Scarlet was very pretty.

 I just love this picture of Scarlet & Zorro's puppy I am keeping.  I have named her Angel.  She looks just like her dad as a pup.

I had to take more pictures of Zorro, he loves the camera.

 You can see in these pictures Zorro has a snow nose.

 This little girl's name is Ciera from Hanna & Elijah's litter.  She loved playing in the snow and getting pictures taken of her.