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Wolf pictures 
"Rufio" is in the above photo and he is the great grandson of "Kayla", she is pictured right below.  "Rufio" is UKC Registered and he is high content Timber Wolf!  This page was updated on 3-13-17

                    She is UKC our 96% Timberwolf                                       Her as a pup.

Simmaki     ( Toni from Oregon has adopted Simmaki and will give her a nice place to live with lots of love and attention.  She even has a boyfriend lined up for her and his name is Tsume.)

                                                                                                              Daughter of Kayla                                                                 Her as a pup and her dad is Bear.

 "Tasha" is my female Wolf/Hybrid. She is UKC Registered and she is mid to low content Timber Wolf.