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Zorro & Tiffany

Zorro thinks Tiffany is beautiful and so do we.

Zorro & Tiffany just before bedtime.

Zorro with my husband David & Sassy my cat.

They are all just chillen.

Zorro with my daughter Crystal & my grandchild Bonnie Jo.

Zorro is really wanting that baby food. 

Zorro is sure hoping Crystal will give him some of Bonnie Jo's baby food.

Zorro is so happy Crystal gave him some of that delicious baby food.

Crystal even let him lick the baby jar clean.

Here they are just taking it easy. 

Zorro is really just taking it all in.

Zorro really loves Bonnie Jo. 

Zorro looks like he needs a nap.

Zorro and Bonnie Jo say hello to all of you in the World Wide Web Land.

Zorro's birthday was August 12 and we had a birthday party for him.  He is 2 years old in human years and 14 years old in dog years.

Here is Zorro with his birthday cake.

Here is a close up of Zorro's birthday cake.

Here Zorro is looking at his cake wondering when he can eat some of it.

Here is another picture of his cake.                        Zorro is finally getting to eat cake.

Zorro is not sure what is in there.            Zorro loves this play toy he wants to play now.

Zorro loves this meaty bone.                               He is not to sure about this toy yet.

Zorro is sniffing this gift while Keagan looks on.      Here Zorro is with some of his gifts.

Here are some of Zorro's birthday party guests Bailey, Kendel and Tanya Bosley.

Here Kendal & Bailey try to play a song for Zorro.    Bonnie Jo & Zorro just chilling out.

Zorro is just resting after his long day at his birthday party.

This is Zorro the day after his birthday party, enjoying his freedom off his leash outside.

These pictures were taken in September of 2009.

Zorro just loves for me to take pictures of him, and as you can see here the camera just loves him.  I have not yet to taken a picture of Zorro that looks bad.  He is photogenic. 

 Zorro is posing to his right in this picture.         Zorro is posing to his left in this picture.

Here Zorro is looking at one of my cats climb a tree in my front yard.  He is really focused

These pictures were taken from November 24th- December 4th, 2009.

               Here Jetta is trying to kiss Zorro.

        In this picture Jetta & Zorro are waiting for a food hand out.

      Jetta wants Zorro to get up and give her a piggy back ride.

          Zorro is taking a nap after playing really hard with Jetta.

                Zorro just posing for another awsome picture.

                             Zorro and his daughter Zoey.



These next few pictures are of Zorro playing in the first snow fall on 12-4-09.

Zorro loves the snow.  He played in it until it was gone, which was about 45 minutes.

           Here is a face photo of Zorro with snow on him.